Altar & Personal Tools

Affiliate Disclaimer

All of the Amazon links (and some of the others) are "affiliates." If you don't know already, that means we potentially get some type of compensation if you buy something after following the link. (A few of the links in the shop are just Makers that we admire, and we want you to know they are an option. We don't get anything from those sales other than joy.)

I definitely recommend making whatever tools you can and buying handmade whenever possible. Knowing that not everyone is "handy" or "crafty" in the same ways, and that budget is often a concern, I offer these recommendations to get you started in your search for the tools that will suit your needs. 

Magic Carpets

Spiral Castle ~ Compass

Goetic Witching Compass

Altar Cloths & Crystal Grids

Aphrodite Moon

Witching Hour

Flower of Life

Wisdom of Love ~ Cowrie Casting

Moth Moon

Moth Reading Cloth

Herb Witchery

Spiral Castle Trad

Palmistry Pastel

Altar Furniture

Small Wall Cabinet
for Altar or Shrine

Tree of Life Table

3-Tier Shelf 

Portable Wooden Table


Wooden Rounds

Loose Incense Burner

Stick Incense Burner

Copper Bowl

Stone Bowl

Stainless Chalice

Pewter Quaiche

Small Cauldron

Medium Cauldron

Acacia Bowl

Golden Lantern

Glass Orb

Weapons & Tools

Windlass Medieval Sword

Armory Replicas Sword

Broomcorn Broom

Walking Stick Staff

Celtic Pocket Knife

Anvil - 25 lbs

Anvil ~ 1.75 lbs



Metalsmithing Hammer

Mazey "Stone" (Cretan-Style Finger Labyrinth)