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Asteria Mystery School

In February 2023, we will begin offering single lesson digital courses as part of the Asteria Mystery School (in collaboration with Asteria Books). These files will be available as instant downloads from the Blade and Broom Etsy shop. 

The lessons in the Asteria Mystery School are an opportunity for interested students to select their own course of study by choosing individual lessons that meet their needs. Lessons are grouped under the following general course topics: Eclectic Witchcraft, Energy & Magick, Ceremony & Ritual, Shamanic Studies, Druidry, Goddess Studies, Tools, and Divination.

Each lesson is a slide presentation with voice-over/notes by Laurelei Black. Each lesson comes with a note-taking PDF of the included presentation. 

History of Witchcraft

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Ritual Basics

Feb 2023


Feb 2023

Tools of Witchcraft

March 2023

Spellcrafting Basics

March 2023


April 2023

Wheel of the Year

April 2023

Rites of Passage

May 2023


May 2023


June 2023


July 2023


August 2023

Lunar Cycles & Magick

September 2023


October 2023


November 2023

Spirit Guides

December 2023

Other Webinars & Presentations

The following list of webinars and presentations are based on workshops that Laurelei has presented at festivals, conferences, and other events. As of 6 February 2023, we are still working on getting the classes below in a digital format. Check back soon, as we work on making these available.

Priestess-Princess: Women and the Royal Arts of Theurgy & Thaumaturgy

Magic has sometimes been called the “Royal Art,” largely due to the propensity in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world (and later in Early Modern Europe) for practices like theurgy and thaumaturgy to be reserved only for members of the royal house -- or their designees. Women have taken an active part in these arts, though history and folklore have more readily recorded their gifts and contributions as something different than their fathers and brothers -- usually as poetry, witchcraft, and even prostitution. Join Laurelei Black for a look behind the veil that has shrouded the power and impact of these mighty women of magic. 


Three Drops of Wisdom: Maxims, Myths, and Mysteries in the Welsh Triads

Contained within the collection of short verses known as the Welsh Triads are advice for living rightly, legends of the British Isles, and keys to pre-Christian Welsh spirituality. If we are diligent, persistent, and attentive, we might draw great inspiration and wisdom from just three little drops! 


Intro to Celtic Cosmology

Description coming soon

Lucifer-Azazel-Qayin: The Devil at the Crossroads

The scapegoat of God, the bringer of enlightenment, the master of magic and the forge. Join Laurelei Black, co-founder of the American Folkloric Witchcraft tradition, in an exploration of the mythos and symbolism of Lucifer, Azazel, and Qayin. American Folkloric Witchcraft sees these names as three monikers of the same entity. Explore the mark of Qayin and the red thread that links witches to the potent and often misrepresented Man in Black -- the Golden Man, the Red God. 

Goetic Witchcraft: How Low Can You Go?

"Goetia" derives from a Greek word meaning witchcraft or sorcery. It is a low (earthy, worldly) magick by nature. Its practice today, though, largely looks like other forms of "high magick." In her book, The Witches' Key to the Legion: A Guide to Solomonic Sorcery, Laurelei dives into a goetic practice that is inspired by Traditional Witchcraft with its natural, Shamanic, "low" roots. Join her for discussion of how and why to strip away the artifices from your art where the 72 spirits of the Legion are concerned. 

Introduction to Bardic Mysteries

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Introduction to Greek Religion & Ritual

Description coming soon

The Magickal Emergency Kit

Description coming soon

Magickal, Medicinal Herbal Tea

Description coming soon

Nemeton: Whispers from the Sacred Grove

Join Laurelei for a discussion of the importance of trees and the role of the grove in Celtic spirituality. We will explore tree symbolism and lore, as well as discussing the power of trees in divination, healing, and ritual. 

Cerridwen: Doting Mother, Devouring Mother

Cerridwen’s story depicts a mother who treats each of her children very differently --  which gives us an opportunity to explore and unpack the Mother archetype through the lens of both Light and Shadow -- and to examine, understand, and dis/integrate the nature of our own (often very complicated) Mother/Child dynamics. 

5 Sacred Things

Description coming soon

Bio-Regional Witchcraft

Finally, after decades of books and teachers imparting proscriptive and centralized methods of practicing the Craft that are handed down through lines of Witches far removed from the lands where the magic originated ... FINALLY, folks are coming forward to talk about how to build a practice that reflects the land and the land Spirits where we live and work. Laurelei is one of those folks who has been sharing about "bio regional Craft practice" (since about 2010) in both online and offline spaces, and she is excited for the chance to dig into this rooted practice with the good people of the Greater New Orleans community. 

Sacred Landscape

Description coming soon

Siren, Succubus, Seductress: The Devil's Bride

Come close. Closer. Let me whisper a secret in your ear. It's a Mystery, my love. Are you ready? The God of alchemy, of magick, of witchcraft has a Bride -- and she is the Lady of Love (and sacrifice). She is the golden star from whose iron he crafts the blade. She is the whore to wom he tells his secrets. Of old, she was Venus, Ishtar, Aphrodite -- the Morning and Evening Star. Her daughters are the sexy and seductive women of magic -- witches, succubi, sirens. Enticing, alluring, powerful ... dangerous. Join Laurelei Black in an exploration of the mythological waters that bore these temptresses and a discussion of the experience and application of being such a woman in the world of magick.

Stang: Witch Tool & Standard Pole

Symbol of the Horned One, and tool of the Old Craft, this object is rarely used in American Pagan practice. The forked staff or 2-pronged pitchfork is a symbol of ancient power, with a system of decorations and ritual uses to denote the passage of time and the journey of the Old God. Come learn about its history, meanings and uses, and reclaim this tool of the Wise. 

A Truly Celtic Space

Far back in the Celtic past, ideas of directions were not based in the N-E-S-W compass that they are today. Those ideas came with Mediterranean influence. Celtic concepts were more relative and more tied to the realities of the worlds that surrounded them – the lands of Sky, Stone and Sea tied together by a binding heart of Flame. In this class, come and get a taste for the older Celtic system of raising and working with energy. 

Dragon Magick

Description coming soon

Magick of Winged Horses

Description coming soon

Unicorn Magick

Description coming soon

Phoenix Magick

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The Witch's Familiar

Witches have a long and storied relationship with the Unseen World and with spirits of many types, abilities, and personalities. Those spirits with whom we are most familiar have a special place in our lives and our magic. This discussion will cover historical familiars -- including those found within the Legion and those named during witch trials -- as well as the contact, care, and keeping of familiars for modern witches. 

Waters Dark & Deep

When we think of Aphrodite and her traditional realms of influence (love, beauty, sexuality), we aren't immediately out in mind of Shadow work. However, any amount of deeper reflection on these areas can bring up complicated and painful thoughts and feelings. Some of Aphrodite's epithets in the ancient world remind us that love has a dark side, and that Aphrodite can help us process and integrate our own Shadow. Have your journal or notebook ready for this workshop, as we dive into the deep and dark waters of Aphrodite Pelagia (Lady of the Sea). 

COMING in 2024

The Aphrodite Callings

The Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Passion touches the lives of every man, woman and child, whether or not they choose to acknowledge her. She is present during childbirth, weddings, sex and any time two people profess their love or desire for one another. Some of us are called as devotees, while others are called into her service. Through this open discussion, discover the many facets of life that are gilded by Aphrodite’s (usually) gentle touch and learn to honor and work with this ancient Lady of love and life. 

Aphrodite's Sacraments

Our bodies are manifestations of the Divine; our sexuality is a microcosm of the primal forces that sustain the universe. Laughter, touch, grace and beauty are all among the gifts that Shapely Aphrodite encourages us to share amongst each other. In a revolving circle we will bestow the gifts of Aphrodite upon one another, each participant acting as priest or priestess for the others. Please come with a willingness both to be a channel of Deity for others, and to meet Deity as channeled through others. You may set your own limits regarding genital contact. 

Aphrodite's Bath: Cleansing & Creation through Sensuality

The Goddess of Love was known for the force of Her sensuality and sexuality. Less well-known are the qualities of cleansing, creation and regeneration that are also attributed to Golden Aphrodite. Her bath, the harbor off of Cyprus where she was born, was the symbol that connected these aspects of Aphrodisian power. This workshop explores the ways in which sensuality serves as a cleansing act and is the impetus for the power of creation. 

Creating Aphrodisia Rituals

"Aphrodisia" is the common name for any ritual that celebrates Aphrodite and Her Mysteries. The Aphrodisia was celebrated in many parts of ancient Greece, with only a few remaining details left to us as to what the original rituals might have entailed. Modern celebrants can choose from a wide range of Aphrodisian themes, motifs, symbols and sacraments in order to create unique but meaningful rituals for the Goddess of Love, Sexuality, War and Passion. This workshop explores those elements, framing them in several different ritual formats (including Hellenic and contemporary Wiccan).

The Goddess of Love is Not a Bimbo

Too many people in contemporary society, including Neo-Pagans, have the unfortunate misconception that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is a fuzzy-brained, bleach blond who is only interested in satiating her own desires. They don’t see the inspiration for the arts, the protection of marriage, the quickening of fertility, or the motherly affection that are also her hallmarks. Sadly, many people are also closed off to her many pleasures and delights. In this workshop, Laurelei presents a deeper look at Aphrodite’s qualities through study of her myths, her many epithets and her Babylonian and Sumerian roots. 

Intro to Sacred Sexuality

Sex is a sacrament. It is a Divine gift – one that allows us to manifest fertility, symbolize the complete unity of masculine and feminine, and express feelings of love and joy. Sadly, many of us in Western culture have devalued and demonized this sacred act by buying into the old philosophy that sex is dirty, obscene, gratuitous and decadent. Posh! In this candid and open discussion on the origins, practice and necessity of sacred sexual practices, Laurelei will lead participants in an exploration of ideas surrounding the sometimes taboo (but always titillating) subjects of sex and spirituality. 

Look, Ma: No Hands!

Who would ever want to do sex magick without touching their partner? That's one of the bext parts, right? Touch is good. Touch is important. But touch isn't always the best choice. Perhaps you're uncomfortable with touch, have made agreements with a partner that necessitate a hands-off approach, are dealing with an illness/condition that cautions against intimate touch, or just want to explore other ways of raising and heightening sexual energy. 

The Way of the Woodwose: The Path of Magickal Herbalism

Plants offer so much to humanity -- food, shelter, spice, medicine, clothing, and more. Each of these is magical in itself; however, plants offer something beyond the physical experience, too. They give us a key into the realms of mysticism and magic that are the domain of religion and spirituality. Join Laurelei for this introduction to magical herbalism and discuss the many ways in which herbs can transform your inner reality. 

Incense Blending

Sacred smoke is one of the quintessential elements of magical and mystical practice. Witches, magicians, seers, monks, and holy people of every religion have used smoke and fume as a method of sending their prayers to the heavens and of gaining inspiration from beyond the veil of the visible world. In this hands-on workshop, Laurelei  will discuss the 5 basic ingredients of an excellent incense and then get our hands dirty by making some for a practical application. Everyone will come away from this class with a sample of loose blended incense and copious notes on how to make the best blends for their future needs. 

Flying Ointment and Sabbat Wine

Learn the art of herbal astral travel. Come and discuss with us the historical ways in which the Witches of old flew to the Sabbat at the Mountain, leaving their bodies safe at home -- or how they went out into the night as hares. Laurelei  will discuss the theory and history behind the very toxic plant poisons used in the past and also explore some safe (but effective) non-toxic alternatives for modern spirit flight. 

Abremelin Oil and the Formulas of High Magick

Ceremonial Magick concerns itself with alchemy on a number of levels. Transformation happens both within the magician and without. The working of Abramelin the Mage is one of the most famous workings of ceremonial magick, and the oil formula that is created from it is highly prized by magicians. Join Laurelei as she explains the preparation of this oi 

Gris-gris, Pacquettes, Putzi & Pouches

The magical spell bag, by any other name, would still smell as .... Well, it would smell like magic, and that's the important thing. Magical practitioners of all sorts, on every continent where people live, have put potent items of a like nature together in a bundle to achieve a goal for its bearer. Protection, love, health, sleep, luck. After a thorough discussion on the sorts of dirts, herbs, and other objects usually included in these bundles, Laurelei will provide bags to participants and let them choose from available materials to make their own pouches. 

Alraun - Plant Familiar

Everyone knows the image of a Witch with a black cat familiar. But how many are aware of the wise woman with her mandrake spirit? The alraun is a carefully tended plant that acts as a spirit guide. Is it the spirit of the plant who offers wisdom and guidance? Or a spirit who inhabits the plant? Join  Laurelei in this discussion on the history and practical creation & tending of the alraun. 

The Sacred Madam

Join Laurelei and other Scarlet Harlots for a discussion on the MANY roles available to the Sacred Courtesan who chooses NOT to have sex outside of her/his committed relationship(s). The door to service as a Priest/ess of Love is in no way closed to those who make the Will-affirming choice to honor their own boundaries in this way, but it does require the key of creativity. 

Laughter-Loving Aphrodite

Smiles and laughter are sexy. Sex is funny. The ancient Greeks knew this, which is why one of Aphrodite's epithets was philomeides -- laughter-loving. (Of course, the similar word philommeides means "genital-loving." Coincidence? Of course not. Genitals are hilarious!) Come explore the playful side of sex and sacred sexuality.