Grimoire Project

The Grimoire Projects is a publication project of Asteria Books & Events - a "sister" enterprise of Blade & Broom. (Both are run by Laurelei Black.) In 2012, Laurelei and her partners started producing Book of Shadows (or Grimoire) pages for sale in the Etsy shop. (It was Joe's idea, mostly-Laurelei's writing, and their now-ex-wife's design skills. That was before Etsy offered digital downloads, so Laurelei had to print and ship every order. 

Since then, a lot has changed. Hooray for Etsy instant download!! (And also, hooray for Laurelei acquiring her own design skills!)

Features of the Grimoire Project

Our pages were among the very first to be sold on Etsy. There are lots of great sellers now, with so many styles, but our Grimoire Pages remain unique in some ways:

Future of the Grimoire Project

We are hoping to finish up the Grimoire Project by the end of 2023 (or very beginning of 2024). When we do, if such a thing is even possible, we will have close to 1,200 pages available for sale! (Laurelei keeps adding more, though, so who knows if this is a project that can ever really be "done.")

As certain sections are finalized, they will be published together in printed collections. In fact, the "Complete Herbal Grimoire" is already done and available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and hardback formats. 

Collections we know are coming: 

There may be other configurations and collections that arise out of this body of work. And ... we are thinking of re-printing some of the classical grimoires (which are works in the public domain) in our style for Witches who yearn for a deep (and aesthetically pleasing) library of occult lore.

Complete (Current) Grimoire

On Etsy, you can download all of the current pages we have ready for sale. (You can also download some the popular sections and compilations, if you prefer.)

Herbal Grimoire

You can get the softcover or hardcover on Amazon -- or download the PDF version on our Etsy shop.