Our Story

For nearly 15 years ...

Blade & Broom is owned and operated by Laurelei Black who has been practicing witchcraft for twenty years. She is the co-founder of the Spiral Castle Tradition (a branch of American Folkloric Witchcraft).

Laurelei first created Blade & Broom's Etsy shop in 2008 as a fundraising opportunity for her coven, Dragon's Eye Coven (which disbanded shortly thereafter without a single item being listed in the shop). The Etsy storefront sat empty until 2011, when Laurelei was inspired to share her Craeft creations with the world.

Laurelei has always been the primary proprietress behind Blade & Broom -- formulating the incenses and potions, sewing robes and poppets, working the rituals, maintaining the website and Etsy shop, and filling orders as they come in. Laurelei is the author of several books and is a certified Master Herbalist.