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All of the Amazon links (and some of the others) are "affiliates." If you don't know already, that means I potentially get some type of compensation if you buy something after following the link. (A few of the links here are just Makers that I admire, and I want you to know they are an option. I don't get anything from sales other than joy.)

stick incense burnerincense burner
loose incense samplerfrankincense and myrrh incense sticks
charcoal tabletslighter 2 pack
charcoal tongssand as insulation for charcoal tablets
Spell Breaker Bath SaltsHouse Blessing Incense
Money Drawing IncensePsychic Intuition Incense
Abramelin OilBlack Arts Oil
Blessing OilCursing Oil
makers I admire
Conjured Cardea
Ms Rains Conjure Shop
lalu's Roots & Conjure
Heritage Apothecary


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